Illustrations. Since I was a kid  I was always drawing something, driving my teachers wild. Until 1982, when my art teacher, who had a gallery, organized an exhibition of my pictures. Then I could sell them for a few years in his gallery.

1985 I started to create projections with my fathers PC, got me a c64, then amiga for simple Videoloops .
In the 1990s I worked a lot with 2D& 3D visuals for techno parties, soundsystems, and VR and architectural companies. 

I also did computer graphics for german TV mags like Welt der Wunder, Abenteuer Wissen, Zielfahnder, Cinema Paradiso,at FIS Snowboard WM, for TV channels like ZDF, RTL, MTV, SFB B1 etc..

2002  I got sick of allday-computer work and got into martial arts again, now training 6 days a week for 3-5 hours.