why so
why so

be bold. art is communication. you can not communicate with others openly while you put yourself on a pedestal.

What is synesthetic art production?
Multisensual production concepts aimed towards a sensually connected target.

Originated by one artist. In contrast to multimedia or  intermedia productions where many specialists work together.

A synesthetic artist is planning and working in different fields to put them together. This usually means that the technical level is not overall the same and that many „lacks“ or „mistakes „ are within the qork.  Since it is  impossible to be technically „high level“ in all fields.
Methods of synesthetic art production. Since the publication of the synesthetic manifesto by JunSaKo in 1987 there have been different forms and strategies for synesthetic arts developed, tested and established:
entering a normal situation with a different approach, outfit or way of behaviour. Like a prank , but not just to make fun of somebody, but to charge the situation with something else and to give an inspiration or to test everybodies abilities to cope with unexspected situations.
Playjects ( playable objects):
usable objects that allow the user to experience
themselves sensually  in an unusual way. Sometimes to change the situation sometimes to change yourself. ( like with facebells)
Synvironment:Creating or changeing an environment so that it will be possible for others to enter and experience it with different senses
changing a normal daily activity by adapting and enriching it with artistic elements.  But without  putting the artist into the centre of attention like very often  an intrusion or performance. 

syn scripts/ syn tracks / syn games :
scripts for theatric happenings or games with certain rules of behaviour, that can be improvised upon. They are including objects

: supporting other artists and productions with  interdisciplinary capabilities, (most jobs are like this)
What is physical communication?
physical communication (phys.com) is something , that almost all living beings use for orientation, interaction and growth .

It can be distinguished between internal and  external phys.com  and between different species.

Human phys.com with others and communication with yourself is very much interconnected on the levels of  the body , the brain, the hormone system.

physical communication research

is divided between the gaining and organizing knowledge , skills, forms and targets of phys.com.

body language, show-dance, theatre. Sports

partner and group dance (tango salsa waltz etc.) comforting
or confronting others. martial arts

phys.com can be externally conforming (group rituals) or competetive( fighting sports),  comforting ( hugging )  or destructive (physical violence) an and also internally and transformative
(like yoga, taichi, fitnesstraining etc.)

I am very interested in the various forms of physical communication.

I learn, I use and I  teach some of them in my classes and personal training sessions.  

At the moment I am also working on a learning platform
where people can get to know the different philosophies and applications of phys.com